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Let me begin by saying that this does not taste like guacamole. You won’t taste the avocado at all. It will taste delicious though.

Avocado – two genuinely large ones, not the tiny ones they call “large” in stores.
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder – 1/4 cup
Vanilla Extract – 2 tablespoons
Coconut Cream – 1/4 cup (The stuff at the top of the can.)
Sweetener – to taste
Whipped Cream (optional) – Leave this off for strict Primal/Paleo.
Chocolate – Shavings, nibs, etc. for topping. (optional)
Berries (optional – a few to top or more to layer)
Sprig of mint (optional)

Mix avocado, cocoa, coconut cream and vanilla in blender, food processor or bowl.
Add sweetener of your choice to taste.
Put in parfait or wine glass, layering with berries if you like.
Top with whipped cream, chocolate nibs or shavings, berries and mint. (optional)

Image © Vanillla | Dreamstime.com

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