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Mardi gras maskMardi Gras is on Tuesday, February¬†21. No need to feel left out just because you are on Primal and don’t eat beans, rice or wheat flour roux. There are plenty of options for Primal Cajun food.

  • Try my “Gumbo” Stir Fry. Now that you are off wheat, you may like it better than “real” gumbo. Lots of my other recipes would work just fine for your celebration too. (I like spicy food.)
  • Primal Jambalaya sounds good, although I have never made it. Honestly, though, I would use rice not cauliflower. It’s Mardi Gras after all!
  • How about Spicy Shrimp?
  • Add some greens cooked in bacon fat, with plenty of red pepper flakes or other heat.
  • Yams/sweet potatoes with lots of butter.
  • Oysters?
  • Personally, if I wanted red beans, I would have them but considering the above, why?

By the way, in New Orleans and other places with Mardi Gras celebrations, they don’t wait until Fat Tuesday to start partying. Let the good times roll!

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