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Roasted Vegetable Stew

Vegetables and stew

by Art Favor

Primal hasn’t changed my tastes all that much, unlike some people’s. And I do eat potatoes. But the traditional mushy stew doesn’t do much for me now. I wouldn’t turn it down on a cold, rainy night, but . . .

I wondered if there was a better way. The idea of roasting the veggies first seemed promising. I adapted the one that popped up most often in Goggle.

Note: The recipe I adapted called for roasting the meat for 30 minutes in the 450 degree oven. I tried that despite knowing I shouldn’t. The meat came out tough. This recipe is based on how I do stir fry. I lightly brown something tender before adding liquids.

If you want to roast the meat, do it around 300 degrees. That will mean roasting the veggies longer. Alternatively, you can start simmering tough meat with broth or water when you start roasting the vegetables.

(Use whatever root vegetables you have on hand. This is what I used.)

  • 1 lb tender stew meat. I used grass-fed beef.
  • 2 med. parsnips, scrubbed and sliced into rounds.
  • 2 med. carrots, scrubbed and sliced into rounds.
  • 1 med. leek, sliced and washed.
  • 6 tiny blue potatoes, scrubbed.
  • 6 med. mushrooms, brushed off.
  • 1 celery stalk, sliced.
  • Whole peeled garlic cloves. As many as you dare.
  • 1/2 cup red wine.
  • 1/2 cup tomato paste.
  • Thickener, I used corn starch. (Yeah, yeah, I know. Use something else or skip if you want.)
  • Olive oil.
  • Salt and pepper to taste. (I didn’t use any. Roasting really concentrates the flavor of the veggies.)
  • Water.


  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees with a rack around the middle.
  • Put veg. in roasting pan and brush with olive oil.
  • Put pan on lower rack in oven.
  • Mix wine, tomato paste and thickener (if used).
  • After 30 minutes, check the veggies. Don’t let them get too brown.
  • Put a dutch oven on the stove, heat until nearly smoking and add the beef. Fry until just brown. Do two batches if necessary to avoid crowding.
  • Turn burner down to med. low. Add wine/tomato/thickener and stir.
  • Take veggies out of oven and add to meat.
  • Add water as needed.
  • Taste and add salt and/or pepper if desired.
  • Cook for just a few minutes and serve.

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Moved to ancestralhealth.info/potatoes.htm

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Moved to ancestralhealth.info/potatoes.htm

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What do followers of the Primal Blueprint eat?

Meat and fish: Most of us try to get humanely produced animal foods such as grass fed beef and sustainably caught fish. Many people on Primal eat what we call “variety meats” – parts of the animal we don’t see much in mainline grocery stores, e.g. liver. It is hard to reach optimal health just eating muscle meat (steaks, chops, etc.) Some options are sardines, shell fish, pork rinds and unsweetened gelatin. We love bacon. Otherwise, we avoid processed meats. It is possible to do Primal as a vegetarian though, just harder.

Vegetables: Go easy on starchy veggies. Most Primal folks don’t eat potatoes. I do. Most of us love big salads. Followers of Primal will tell you that “corn is not a vegetable.” I eat some fresh corn and corn tortillas.

Fruit: In moderation. They are high in sugar. Berries are the best choice.

Dairy: If you can handle it. Most of us love butter. Who doesn’t? If you can’t handle dairy, use ghee (clarified butter).

Eggs: Lots!

Nuts, seeds and nut butters: Yes, but not too many. Macadamias and almonds are some of the better ones. We eat, drink and cook with lots of coconuts.

Sensible indulgences: Such as dark chocolate (The highest percentage of cacao you can enjoy. One or a few squares per day) and moderate alcohol (up to 2 servings per day for men and 1 for women. I know. It isn’t fair.)

Beans and white rice: These are becoming more acceptable but not really ideal under Primal. I eat some of them. (Green beans, peas and other fresh legumes are fine.)

Grains (besides white rice): We avoid them. They contain “anti-nutrients” that mess up our digestive systems. They have wonderful nutritional elements but our bodies are not designed to digest them.

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Avatar of me as an explorer in Africa.

This is an old, outdated site. When I made this WordPress site, my attitude was still a pigheaded “I ain’t givin’ up potatoes or tortillas or beans or rice. Fasting? I ain’t fasting when there is good food I could eat.” Etc. I have found that I can cut back on potatoes, white rice, beans and corn tortillas without dying. And I usually fast until around 11 am with no problem. My primary blog is now Ancestral Health Info.

Photo credit: Little Serengeti in Arusha National Park by Haplochromis July 2009. Our species evolved in this setting.

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