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A part of me is profoundly sedentary. That part of me wants to sit in an easy chair with a book or laptop. Coffee pot, mini-refrigerator, phone, radio, liquor cabinet and other conveniences within reach, so that I only have to get up for biobreaks. I give in to this evil part of me less and less now. I know that it would kill me.

Sitting is Killing You
From: http://www.medicalbillingandcoding.org

Now, most of the data about the ill effects of sitting is correlational, i.e. lots of sitting is correlated with medical problems. That does not necessarily mean that the more you sit, the worse health you have.

Some people respond to the above information by getting a standing desk. If that works for you, fine. But is this a case of more not necessarily being more? We now know that just because getting some aerobic exercise is good for your heart and lungs, it does not follow that you should run five miles per day. Just because lifting some weights has many health benefits, it does not follow that you should spend an hour a day in the gym pumping iron.

Research shows that just getting up frequently to stand, walk around, lift something, stretching, etc. significantly reduces the negative effects of sitting.

Update 9/26/2011: Researchers say getting up and moving every 20 minutes is better than standing. Yeah, right. I make a point of getting up once an hour but I’m not getting up every 20 minutes. Pfft!

My work involves 99% computer time. I have no interest in a standing desk. At my age (68) and given my training, there is no standing job that would keep me much above the poverty level. By doing web design, I can make a very good hourly rate and still have some time to enjoy my semi-retirement.

That’s enough for now. I have to get up and move around.

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You may well find saturated fat gross. You must eat it to be primal. You can’t say “Ok, I’ll do the rest of primal but I am going low fat.” You can’t be primal unless you eat it. So, you are not going to be primal, or fully healthy for that matter.

You don’t have to eat fatty meats. Some plant sources have saturated fat. Coconut has lots. Macadamia and Brazil nuts have some. Are you OK with butter and whole milk dairy products? There’s another source. But you do have to eat saturated fat.

As for heart attacks, saturated fat doesn’t give you them to you. Mark has provided a careful, scientific explanation.

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Avatar of me as an explorer in Africa.

This is an old, outdated site. When I made this WordPress site, my attitude was still a pigheaded “I ain’t givin’ up potatoes or tortillas or beans or rice. Fasting? I ain’t fasting when there is good food I could eat.” Etc. I have found that I can cut back on potatoes, white rice, beans and corn tortillas without dying. And I usually fast until around 11 am with no problem. My primary blog is now Ancestral Health Info.

Photo credit: Little Serengeti in Arusha National Park by Haplochromis July 2009. Our species evolved in this setting.

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