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I have liked and respected Don Matesz and Kurt Harris for very different reasons. Don makes interesting speculations. Kurt is very analytical. His approach to ancestral lifestyle is pragmatic, without lots of “me grok” silliness. But now they seem to have gone off the deep end and have a war going on between them.

After many years of promoting Primal and Paleo, Don made a dramatic exit in Farewell to Paleo. His presentation to the 2011 Ancestral Health Symposium was quite thought provoking. But now he seems to have completely gone back to the conventional wisdom approach of low fat, high complex carbs. In the process, he infuriated Harris.

Unfortunately, to me Harris’ response reminds me of Richard Nixon’s sad last days in office. The level of viciousness is way beyond anything justified by Matesz’s misrepresentations of Archevore. So, while I still think there is lots of useful information in both men’s sites, and while I still think of myself as close to Archevore with some input from Don’s yin-yang ideas, I am no longer whole hearted about sending anyone there.

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