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I have been doing this lifestyle for about a year. I have lost lots of fat. Just about every part of my body is thinner. It used to be hard to find a watch band or ring big enough for me, gloves too. Now, the ones I have are loose. A top hat that used to be snug now falls down over my eyes. I touch my face and am shocked to feel cheek bones. My belt has tightened at least a couple of inches. When I walk, I feel light.


Throw away your scale! Go by how your clothes fit.

How come I haven’t lost more “weight”? In my opinion, it is mostly from greater bone density. (Some greater muscle too. But I haven’t done much weight lifting or other resistance training.) About a year and a half ago, I had to have a tooth pulled. My body was reabsorbing it and my dentist couldn’t save it. My doctor recommended calcium.

From Mark’s Daily Apple I found out about the importance of vitamin D for calcium absorption, and started taking lots of it. Later, I learned that we need vitamin K to direct where the calcium goes. Magnesium is important too. But because I eat dairy, I no longer take calcium.

Vitamin D: Sun Exposure, Supplementation and Doses
Vitamin D: Confounding Factors
Deconstruction Vitamin D
Vitamin D: Loose Ends

Vitamin K: Should I Supplement? (Personally, I do take vitamin K. From other reading, I think most of us don’t get enough, even if we are Primal.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have bone density tests to prove that I have greater bone density. But it’s my story and I am sticking to it!

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Ancient Grok ran around outside in a loincloth or nothing all day. Since you probably can’t do that, especially not nakkie, you need to take vitamin D. Forget the conventional wisdom about sun screen and getting enough D by going outside 30 minutes a day in short sleeves. Mark has posted several blogs about sunlight and D. Here is a basic one.

There is an excellent thread in Mark’s Daily Apple. The person who started the thread, Katherine or “Cillakat” as she is called in the forum, has studied vitamin D extensively. She suggests 1000 mg per 25 pound body weight per day in the winter. Less when you are getting lots of sun.

So you think you are getting enough vitamin D and sunshine? Read this post by Dr. Davis. (He has lots of good information but he is not primal or paleo.)

Skeptical? You must read this!

My personal experience –  decrease in colds and flus, and much shorter when I do get them.

Vitamin K – See Mark’s post. However, I take some additional K2 to help the vitamin D3 work properly. I am not convinced that just doing Primal gives me enough K.

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Avatar of me as an explorer in Africa.

This is an old, outdated site. When I made this WordPress site, my attitude was still a pigheaded “I ain’t givin’ up potatoes or tortillas or beans or rice. Fasting? I ain’t fasting when there is good food I could eat.” Etc. I have found that I can cut back on potatoes, white rice, beans and corn tortillas without dying. And I usually fast until around 11 am with no problem. My primary blog is now Ancestral Health Info.

Photo credit: Little Serengeti in Arusha National Park by Haplochromis July 2009. Our species evolved in this setting.

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