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8/4/2011 Udate: The Lost Art of Play, Mark’s presentation at the first Ancestral Health Symposium.

The importance of play and our Puritan heritage of feeling uncomfortable about doing it don’t need to be repeated. There is nothing particularly new about play in the Primal Blueprint except some background about how hunters and gatherers sometimes had more time to do it than we do. Mark provides the definitive guide, to the extent you can do that about play.

Among Primal followers, you tend to hear about active, outdoor play, like frisbee, which is great. Remember that there are other kinds though. Mark mentions dance. How about word games?

One of my favorites is role playing in the Second Life virtual universe. There are also other virtual worlds. Not something that would appeal to most Primal types aside from the virtual combat, which is not as big in Second Life as it is in other virtual worlds. But it is play. If it gets you in a playful mood, it’s play. You could even find a primitive place there to play in. If you want to do something more active, try the Society for Creative Anachronism. They have fights with padded swords. I haven’t done SCA but I do renaissance, pirate and Dickens faires.

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Avatar of me as an explorer in Africa.

This is an old, outdated site. When I made this WordPress site, my attitude was still a pigheaded “I ain’t givin’ up potatoes or tortillas or beans or rice. Fasting? I ain’t fasting when there is good food I could eat.” Etc. I have found that I can cut back on potatoes, white rice, beans and corn tortillas without dying. And I usually fast until around 11 am with no problem. My primary blog is now Ancestral Health Info.

Photo credit: Little Serengeti in Arusha National Park by Haplochromis July 2009. Our species evolved in this setting.

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